When it comes to the needs of your system Gem Air Services, Inc. makes no concession on quality parts and accessories. At the same time, our expert sales staff will find the most efficient and economical solutions to your needs. 


We carry an extensive line of compression fittings for use with copper, plastic, and steel tubing in all sizes. 


We carry pressure and vacuum gauges in all grades and styles:

     - Liquid filled

     - Bottom Mount

     - Back Mount

     - Panel Mount

     - and more.....

Air Hose

Gem Air Services, Inc can provide air hose is all sizes and types. We can make up hoses in any length you need.

Quick Disconnect Air Hose Couplers are mounted on compressed air outlets and compressed air hoses to provide a safe, easy way to connect. Safety models are available that will vent pressure from the hose before it can be removed from the coupler. These are available in various sizes and flow capacities. 

Quick Disconnect Air Hose Nipples are designed to work with the Quick Disconnect couplers (above) and come in various sizes, threads, and flow capacities. 

Gem Air Services carries conventional worm-drive hose clamps as well as many types of permanent hose clamps. 

Check Valves

Horizontal Check Valves are installed in horizontal pipes to allow flow in only one direction. Gem Air offers these in all sizes, most of which are shipped from stock. 

Vertical NPT Check Valves and Vertical Tube Check Valves are most often found mounted in tank fittings to allow flow into the tank and prevent back-flow out of the tank, such as the tube that connects the outlet of a compressor pump to the tank. 

Each are available in many sizes with pipe thread on the inlet and outlet, or pipe thread on the outlet with compression tubing thread on the inlet. Many are also equipped with a small threaded port for use with the compressor's unloader.

Ball Valves

Ball Valves are an economical and reliable way to control the flow of liquids and gases. 1/4" to 2" valves are available from our stock. 

Relief Valves

Relief Valves are set to relieve excessive pressure from a tank or piping, before damage from over pressure can occur. They are sized by flow rate and pressure setting. These are a critical part of your compressed air system and can prevent catastrophic accidents from taking place. A wide variety of sizes and pressure settings are available from our stock. 


Several makes and models


Anywhere from 1/2 HP to 600 HP

Vibtration Pad

Vibration Isolators are placed between the floor and the feet of tank mounted compressors to dampen the compressor's vibrations. They also reduce stress on the welds that connect the feet to the tank, preventing premature failure of the tank. 

Electronic Drains & Air Loss Drain

Adjustable timer settings. 115 Volt AC with cords

OIl Water Separator

Designed to remove oily condensate. Generate by Lubricated Compressed Air systems

     - Protects the Environment

     - Eliminates the rising high cost of offsite disposal 

     - No settling reservoir, no harmful bacteria build up 

     - Easy installation - Two point connection

     - Compact Design

     - Can be used with all condensate drains


     - Application: Used on exhaust ports of pneumatic valves or manifolds to reduce work         area noise

     - Construction: aluminum body, 50 mesh self cleaning stainless steel screen, and corrosion resistant aluminum shell

     - High flow & minimal back pressure

     - Maximum supply pressure 300 PSI

     - Operating Temperature of 35 degrees F to 160 degrees F


An Air Regulator is a specialized control valve. It reduces the upstream supply pressure level to a specified constant downstream pressure. Precise air pressure control is essential to efficient operation of air powered equipment

Storage tanks / Air receivers

30 gallon through 1060 gallon tanks. Are made in the USA and ASME coded. 

V Belts

A, B, C, 3VX, 4VX, 5VS, XAP, SPZ series and many more

Flex Connectors

Steel and Stainless steel 1/2" - 3" pipe size. Contact us for details. 

Pressure Switch

Square D, Hubbell-Furnas-Siemens


ALL kinds, contact us for details

We carry every make and model of Air Filters, Oil Filters, and Separators. Contact us for details. 

We have MANY items in stock that may not  be shown here.  PLEASE CONTACT US FOR DETAILS ON ANY AND ALL COMPRESSOR PARTS.